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A Little History…

Shaw’s Coffee was founded in 1999 as a micro-roastery in the historic Italian neighborhood of St. Louis known as “The Hill.” The company’s origin was based on a real passion for coffee, and Shaw’s Coffee maintains an absolute commitment to the highest quality coffees and personal service. We believe that coffee drinking can and should be a rich and pleasurable experience, whether you are enjoying our fresh-roasted coffees in your home or in the Shaw’s Coffee café’.

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We import only the finest Arabica coffee beans from the world’s three major coffee growing regions — the Americas, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. The rich flavors characteristic of each varietal are captured by our artisan roasters. Our single origin coffees and blends are then brewed for you to enjoy in our shop or for delivery for you to enjoy in your home or business. At Shaw’s Coffee, we are committed to ensuring your coffee arrives in an absolutely fresh-roasted state that guarantees that the full rich flavor and fragrance of Shaw’s coffees are preserved in every cup.

Our fresh-roasted coffees can only be obtained through our online store or at our roastery/café’ and we do not wholesale or discount our coffees. Rather, we assure that our customers receive the finest fresh-roasted Arabica coffees at the best available price. In our café we also serve a variety of non-coffee drinks and fresh house-made pastries and other baked goods.

Check us out. You will not be disappointed!

Walter and Gail