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Shaw's Coffee Menu

Coffee & Espresso Drinks

    Regular Tall
Coffee Fresh roasted coffees, rotated daily 1.95 2.30
Café au lait 1/2 Fresh roasted coffee 1/2 steamed milk 3.45 3.75
Bolus and Infusion double espresso and brewed coffee 4.00 4.55
Espresso (single) 2.30
Espresso (double) 3.30
Double Double quad espresso 4.60
    Double Shot Quad Shot
Americano dbl or quad water 3.30 4.60
Macchiato dbl or quad espresso marked with foam 3.60 4.70
Cappuccino dbl or quad espresso.steamed and frothed milk 4.20 4.95
Caffe Latte dbl or quad espresso.steamed milk 4.20 4.95
Caffe Mocha dbl or quad espresso.Ghiradelli dark chocolate.whipped cream 5.10 5.80
Caffe Caramel Mocha dbl or quad espresso.Ghiradelli dark chocolate.caramel.whipped cream 5.10 5.80
Other Drinks

    Regular Tall
Hot Tea selection of teas from The Republic of Tea 1.95 2.30
Iced Tea unsweetened black or green tea 1.95 2.30
Lemonade seasonally available 2.05 2.35
Chai Tea Latte spiced sweetened black tea (reg or decaf).steamed milk 4.35 4.95
Hot Chocolate Ghiradelli dark or white chocolate.whipped cream 3.50 4.15
Shaw's Steamer steamed milk sweetened.your choice of Monin syrup 3.50 4.15
Cool Creations

Italian Soda Sparkling water.your choice of Monin syrup 3.05 3.95
French Soda Sparkling water.your choice of Monin syrup & cream 3.65 4.50
Fresh Fruit Smoothies 20oz of our healthy creations (can add protein powder for .95c)   6.60
-- Banana Blast juice    
-- Berry Berry juice    
-- Blue Moo strawberries.sweet cherries.blueberries.lowfat vanilla yogurt.vanilla soy milk    
-- Green Monkey tropical chai tea.bananas.vanilla soy milk    
Granita Frozen blend of sparkling water and your choice of Monin syrup 3.95 4.45
Frozen Caffe Latte dbl or quad espresso blended with ice and cream 5.10 5.90
Frozen Caffe Mocha frozen latte blended with Ghiradelli dark or white chocolate 5.85 6.55
Frozen Caffe Caramel Mocha frozen latte blended with Ghiradelli caramel & dark chocolate 5.85 6.55
Shaw’s Bakery Items

Assorted Scones (varies daily) Apricot, Blueberry, Cherry Almond, Cherry Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Pecan, Maple Nut, Lavender Honey and Bacon Cheddar Chive   3.20
Assorted Muffins (varies daily) Banana, Blueberry, Cranberry Nut, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppy Seed and Mixed Berry Wheat   3.40
Quiche Lorraine cheddar cheese. served with choice of baguette or fresh fruit   6.40
Tuscany Sunset Crustless Quiche zucchini.tomato.eggplant.sweetpepper.sharpcheddar.parmesean. served with fresh fruit.   6.40
Apple Cake A Shaw’s house made classic made w/cinnamon, walnuts & oats   3.75
Housemade Granola oats.almonds.honey.pecans served with choice of milk   3.75
  12oz bag   7.95
Yogurt Parfaits Premium vanilla yogurt & berries topped with our granola   4.55
Bagels Plain   2.10
  w/jam or honey   2.35
  w/cream cheese   2.60
Biscotti Mexican Chocolate (spicy) and Almond Raisin   2.50
Cannoli An Italian favorite! Filled with chocolate chip laced ricotta   3.15
Large Cookies Chocolate Chip or Everything (chocolate chips.oats.walnuts.cranberries)   2.60
Shortbread Cookies     0.75 or
Shaw’s Breakfast Wraps - $5.25

Morning Monte scrambled eggs.bacon.hash browns.cheddar cheese.jalapeno.sour cream    
Southwest scrambled beans.sweet potatoes.roasted peppers.cheddar cheese.sour cream