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"You can count on our beans!"

R = Regular
D = Decaf
RO = Regular - Organic
WP = Water Processed Decaf
OWP = Organic Water Processed Decaf
PB = Peaberry Bean


The basis of most North American Blends, these well-balanced coffees have a classic, slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

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Colombia - The Classic: rich with caramel sweetness & good body. R • D
  shop cart Costa Rica - Lively acidity & rich with a very smooth finish. R • D
  shop cart Mexico - Light bodied with good acidity and delicate flavors. R
  shop cart Guatemala - Mild with complex, slightly smoky flavors. RO
  shop cart Panama - Bright and clean with floral aromatics & fruit notes. R
  shop cart Americas Gift Box - three 1/2 lb bags of Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico.


From the birth place of coffee, these varietals are lighter bodied, acidic, and wine-like, with hints of fruit or berries.

  shop cart Ethiopia - Bright, floral & medium bodied with wine-like acidity. R • D
  shop cart Kenya - Rich acidity, medium bodied & sweet with a dry berry finish. R
  shop cart Tanzania - Similar to Kenyan coffee, but muted acidity and with hint of berries. R
  shop cart Darkest Afrika Gift Box - three 1/2 lb bags of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Pacific Rim

With complex and earthy flavors, these full-bodied and rich coffees are great with cream or dessert.

  shop cart PB New Guinea - Incredibly rich, well-balanced with a delicate chocolate finish. R
  shop cart Java - Medium-bodied, bright and mildly earthy with smooth, slightly smoky finish. R
  shop cart Sulawesi - Full bodied with a mild sweet & earthy flavor. R
  shop cart Sumatra - Our most full-bodied coffee with a characteristic earthy flavor. R • D
  shop cart Pacific Rim Gift Box - three 1/2 lb bags of New Guinea, Sulawesi and Sumatra.


European classics - these coffees are darkly roasted, intense, and full-bodied blends.

  shop cart Italian Roast - Our espresso blend - very robust and slightly sweet finish. R • D
  shop cart French Roast - Our darkest roast with a classic smoky flavor. R • D
  shop cart Viennese Roast - A rich blend of dark and lighter roasted coffees. R • D
  shop cart Euroroasts Gift Box - three 1/2 lb bags of Italian, French and Viennese.


Shaw's own unique blends of the finest specialty coffees.

  shop cart Shaw's Original - A rich, flavorful blend of Americas and Pacific Rim coffees. R • D
  shop cart Magellan's Blend - A delicious blend of coffees from three continents. R
  shop cart Mocha Java - Our subtle chocolaty blend of African and Pacific Rim coffees. R • D
  shop cart Houseblends Gift Box - three 1/2 lb bags of Shaw's Original, Magellan's and Mocha Java.