Meet Our Team {DEPRECATED}

“Come in and say hello! We would love to give you a ‘coffee tour’ or engage in some ‘coffee talk’.”

[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_name=”Ben” team_position=”Barista” team_description=”I really like working at Shaw’s. We all work well together, the coffee is great, and so are the customers! If you ask me what my favorite coffee drink is, I’d tell you that I love Cubanos like I love native grasses! If you want to talk about coffee or botany, I’d love to talk with you. Actually, I’d enjoy talking with you anyway. And I’d be happy to make you a Cubano!” team_image=”15686″]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_name=”Bethany” team_position=”Barista” team_description=”Working at Shaw’s feeds my creative side and that’s why I like using the espresso machine to make the perfect drink. I’ve never been a barista before and I’m having fun doing it! Although our espresso drinks rock, iced Chai tea lattes are also one of my favs!” team_image=”13643″]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_name=”Jessenia” team_position=”Baker” team_description=”Baking is my jam and I’m all in! I love being creative in the kitchen and get jazzed when my products sell out. I especially enjoy being creative for our vegan customers.” team_image=”13645″]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_name=”Hannah” team_position=”Roaster and Barista” team_description=”I’ve been working as a barista at Shaw’s for several years now and I love that I get to work in the neighborhood where I live. It’s all about community on The Hill and it’s great seeing my Hill neighbors every day! And roasting is awesome. I love the way the aroma changes as the beans roast! And I’ll take my espresso over ice, any time of the year!” team_image=”13644″]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_name=”Rebekah” team_position=”Roaster and Barista” team_description=”Working at Shaw’s has been a window into a new world for me. I enjoy the creativity of preparing drinks at the coffee bar, particularly lattes as the steamed and foamed milk mixes beautifully with the espresso. I also really enjoy coffee roasting, watching and smelling the transformation of each varietal from green bean to the beautiful rich brown roasted coffee. I am happy to be a part of the Shaw’s coffee family.” team_image=”15685″]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_name=”Cathie” team_position=”Manager & Barista” team_description=”I’ve been with Shaw’s for more than 10 years. I really love getting to know our customers and I enjoy seeing them walk through the door and brightening their day with great coffee and conversation. Whether you are new to Shaw’s or one of our regulars, I’m always happy to see you. It makes my day when I make yours! My favorite coffee? Burundi!” team_image=”15688″]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_name=”Natalie” team_position=”Design and Barista” team_description=”I have been at Shaw’s for a while and love the place. It can get busy and crazy but it is so uplifting to work in a beautiful space with a company that really cares most about quality. I love my coworkers and customers and look forward to coming to see everyone. Sipping a lavender latte in the vault with friends in my off time is awesome!” team_image=”15516″]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_name=”Walt and Gail” team_position=”Owners” team_description=”We have been providing fresh roasted Arabica coffees from around the world to our neighbors and Shaw’s Coffee enthusiasts for 20 years. We serve our fresh roasted coffee varietals and signature blends, and house-baked goods, in our Roastery and Café’ on the Hill in St Louis. If you are in the neighborhood, stop in for some ‘coffee talk’.” team_image=”14614″]