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We start with the finest green coffees sourced from the world’s three major coffee growing regions – the Americas, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. We work closely with our importer to find the finest and most unique green beans available and we roast throughout the week to ensure all our coffees are as fresh as possible for serving and shipping. Our coffees are dark-roasted in a traditional European style, similar to many gourmet roasters from the West Coast. This gives our coffees the signature strong flavor and rich aroma our customers know and love.


From the birth place of coffee, these varietals are lighter bodied, acidic, and wine-like, with hints of fruit or berries.


The basis of most North American Blends, these well-balanced coffees have a classic, slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

Pacific Rim

With complex and earthy flavors, these full-bodied and rich coffees are great with cream or dessert.

Euro Roasts

European classics – these coffees are darkly roasted, intense, and full-bodied blends.

House Blends

Shaw’s own unique blends of the finest specialty coffees.


Walt says:  “Coulda’ fooled me!”